About Heron Manor

Introducing Heron Manor, a modern new assisted living facility where a little support is providing a new kind of freedom. Heron Manor is a unique assisted living facility because here residents enjoy apartments, not rooms. Heron Manor has made it possible to live independently in a comfortable, home-like apartment by giving people access to the support services they need. At Heron Manor, you’ll enjoy a home that can change to meet your needs, and a warm community where neighbors genuinely help neighbors.
Neighbors helping neighbors. Heron Manor residents are a little different; our residents like to help each other. Those who are able-bodied may help a friend with a disability enjoy a walk around our quarter-mile nature trail. Or a resident with good vision might describe photos to a friend with failing vision. We serve each other for our common good, for our own esteem, and for the joy of shared friendships. Heron Manor’s has a unique approach to assisted living, where working together with health care staff, residents establish a plan of care and choose only the supportive services they want and need. A little support makes us stronger, equips us to live more fully, and gives us a new kind of freedom.

Many faces of dignity. Heron Manor is a unique place, where people with disabilities live shoulder-to-shoulder with the able-bodied. Here mobility is understood as a continuum along which all people are arrayed, but no person should suffer. It’s not better at one end of the continuum, just different. So Heron Manor is barrier-free and provides supportive services that give all residents an equal footing regardless of their physical limitations. Heron Manor is a place that values and dignifies every resident, and where caring residents value and care for each other. In short, it’s a genuine neighborhood.
A community called home. Heron Manor consists of 55 apartments with modern, full-sized kitchens, spacious bathrooms, and sun-drenched living areas and bedrooms. For residents and their guests, Heron Manor provides ample open spaces, cozy lounges, and activity rooms. Our large dining room is where residents enjoy the daily company of neighbors and friends, as well as three delicious home-cooked meals. Cooking for yourself, dining in, or dining out; Heron Manor residents enjoy life their own way.
A one-of-a-kind facility. Opened in April 2009, Heron Manor is a modern, barrier-free facility, whose spacious and airy design opens the apartments and community areas to generous amounts of natural light. Other features of the building include its geo-thermal heating and cooling system, the insulated concrete form walls and our use of low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints and adhesives. As a result, we have increased our energy efficiency and reduced our impact on the environment. For these efforts our facility has earned an award from the Michigan Green Build Initiative and is qualified for LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.