A New View of Assisted Living

What Is assisted living?

What are the benefits of assisted living?

Is Assisted Living at Heron Manor affordable?
  What is assisted living?

Assisted living at Heron Manor allows residents to retain their independence, but makes supportive services available that ensure residents can live fully, safely and comfortably. Heron Manor’s supportive services make it possible for residents to shop, make regular visits to banks or to attend doctor’s appointments. Heron Manor provides regular housekeeping and delicious and nutritious scheduled meals.

For residents who need it now or who may need it in the future, Heron Manor can provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living, like assisting with bathing, dressing, eating, grooming and mobility. This unique suite of services can be accessed when the resident or a caregiver believe they would be beneficial, but the goal is to provide the support a resident needs to live as independent a life as possible.

Assisted living is a lifestyle option sought by many seniors interested in simplifying the responsibilities of home ownership, and who don’t require ongoing skilled nursing or medical care. But checking in doesn’t mean checking out. At Heron Manor, residents enjoy a new neighborhood. A bustling community of neighbors and friends enjoy each other at meal times, but also in classes, outings, and recreational times. Many residents enjoy their social life at Heron Manor more than their old neighborhood because at Heron Manor, it’s easier to visit with friends and neighbors.

No more snow bound days, or days struggling with house repairs or lawn care. And many residents re-discover the profound joy of being helpers themselves; caring for one another, and fulfilling their role to support one another in a community of friends.